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Our Story

The world was starting to change. Remote working, economic uncertainty, a distrust in traditional media, and major cultural shifts. All of a sudden, NFTs blow up out of nowhere. Digital art, shared ownership, identity, decentralization, and the empowerment of communities became central concepts that would push the conversation in a different direction.


This is how three cousins who worked in completely different industries and in three separate countries, were suddenly brought together by an idea: Web3 was our opportunity to make an impact.


Pedro was the tech expert, Thom was the creative genius, and Luis had the business development expertise. A single videocall about a shared dream and Drip Studios was born, like a meteor falling from the skies to disrupt everything. A shooting star that would change our lives and many others. A moonshot.


So we got to work on our first project: Pirates Of The Metaverse. This brand would tell the story of unconforming misfits banding together to pave their own way against all odds. Under the premise of exploring uncharted territories, we set out to create the first cross-chain NFT brand with the potential to transcend into mainstream culture. Thanks to the successful launch of POTM and the support of a vibrant community, Drip Studios is now a real business.


Our mission is to empower brands and their native communities to take their organization to the next level, and elevate their purpose by leveraging true collaboration. By becoming the leading publishing company of the Metaverse, we will help the brands of the future tell their story and maximise their impact.

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